Westward Ho

Charlotte: home for the last 5 years, with the obscure and brief break of Iowa in between.  It was painful to say goodbye, once again, to move West to Texas.  When I say that out loud, it doesn't make sense.  Texas + Me just doesn't seem to = out.  However, I'm trying to be joyful...or tolerant...or patient.

After 2 weeks of living here in Texas, here are a few observations:

1.  Elementary-aged boys are really into the Under Armour trend (not exclusive to Texas, I'm sure) and will wear these shorts and long socks even in 20 degree weather.

2.  The great ice storm of 2013 hit a few days after we arrived.  Once the weather got above freezing there were lines of 20+ lines at each of the 3 car washes that I passed on the way to the market.

3.  The moms of our elementary school seem to have had a professional blow out and makeup primp by 7:30 a.m. each day as they drop their small people off at school.

4.  The traffic lights are looooong.  There is also extra attention that needs to be paid, on my part, to the red light traffic cameras all over the place.

5.  My neighbor (not from Texas) says "Howdy, neighbor" each time he sees me.

A Sweet Moment

A recent game championed by Dumpling involves her demanding "Say Mommy Ami" as she thrusts her hard, plastic baby at me.  I hold her baby and call out to Dumpling adding in a variety of baby tasks to be done, e.g., "Mommy Ami, Mommy Ami, will you paint my nails?"

She melts my heart.

Mother/Daughter Book Club

I love reading.  In fact, I'd missed it and recently started up a designated book club to get me motivated to put reading on my list of to do's once again.  I also love that it's been with a group of women who are varied yet can meet on common ground, indicated by the fact that we're playfully called The Drinking Club with the Reading Problem. 

Thankfully, I can see that love developing in Punky and Sweetpea as well!  I came across this post this morning and had a spark of excitement about the possibilities as the girls grow.  What fun this will be to share with them!

These Quirky 2

Still bringing it!

Time Flies

...and yet, this is still the huggiest baby I've ever known.

 I'm really enjoying her!

House Rules

I love seeing the girls' 1st grade homework.  A recent fridge-display includes what appears to be a family tree paired with some rules of the family.  According to Punky, ours are:

1.  No picking up Dumpling
2.  No meowing, no meawing
3.  No jumping of couch
4.  No fiting
5.  No saying stoped

I'd say that covers it.

Big Dreams

Sweetpea declared at breakfast this morning that she'd like to be a forensic criminologist.  OK.  I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a fashion-designer when I was 7.  Punky's response to this claim was that she wanted to be a lawyer.  As if it was a one-upper.

The bickering began - as is usual at 7:00 a.m. all times.

Then Punky got up from breakfast, walked over to her easel in the kitchen and wrote:

Sweetpea + Punky = Tantrum

I told her that was very perceptive and logical, which were good traits for a lawyer.  She let me know that should wouldn't really need those things since, as a lawyer, she was just going to "convince the bad guys to turn themselves in and go to jail." 

That sounds much more Dog-the-bounty-hunter and less Gloria-Allred to me, no?