Autobahn - here I come?

Gregor and I have been discussing the potential of a new (used) car and I've found that once that seed of hope enters my mind, I pretty much think about it everyday. Then slowly, I begin to find fault more and more with the cars we have. Why is this?

I gained new insight this morning, however, as I took the girls to school in Gregor's car (mine is getting serviced). He drives a bit of a broke-down '99 Passat. This used to be our much-loved car of choice, but has since become slightly moldy with parts and pieces falling off here and there.

However, to the new eyes of the girls all they could see was the shiny exterior, new gadgets and lights, and comfy bucket seats. They charged out of the car at school eager to share the news of their ride in Daddy's car. Yeah! You're absolutely right - this car really is awesome. Slightly smelly, but oh-so awesome. Thanks for the perspective girls!


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