Clearly the girls weren't napping today. I was downstairs watching 10 Years Younger (TLC) and I thought I heard a door open, but with all the typical racket upstairs I chose to ignore it. After about 45 minutes I got them up and Sweetpea says to me: When you're a grownup, a man will ask you to go into a box. Punky adds: Then you can look 15.

Oh my.


Anonymous said...

Um what??????????? LOL!

Love love love the look of your blog girly!

Jules said...

Have you ever seen the show 10 Years Younger? Basically they take some raggedy looking person, make them stand in a sound proof box to be judged by people on the street who guess their age...then they get a make-over, blah blah blah. Apparently, I really need to monitor what I'm watching! :)

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