Little Minds, Big Words

...and big mouths! These two chickies can talk nonstop. I'm sure it's amplified with the two of them feeding off of each other. An older woman passed me in the grocery store today, looked down at my cart full-o-kid and smiled at me knowingly - 'Do you just tune them out after awhile?' Yes, I said sheepishly. Not that I want to, but wow, these two have a lot to say!

Plus, they seem to be on a kick of auditioning new words. For Punky it's been 'exhausted'. For Sweetpea it's been 'gigantic'. They try to insert these into all sorts of sentences and sometimes it's pure comedy. This morning, in anticipation of a visit from my Dad, they put the two together in a conversation:

Punky to Sweetpea: Papa's going to be exhausted by you.
Sweetpea: Yeah, he's going to think I'm gigantic.

Well said, little girls.

Photo by Carrie Scruggs!


Jill said...

I'd hardly say they had little minds ;)

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