Stimulus --> Response?

Sometimes I feel like my girls need to be yelled out before they can sleep peacefully.

Now they really aren't ones to nap anymore, and it ends up being an uphill (and up-and-downstairs) battle for me to try to have them adhere to 'quiet' rest time. I've noticed that if it gets to be a particularly fierce day where no one is listening and I end up losing my temper, they suddenly are sleeping like two little snuggle puppies.

Perhaps it's just part of the routine? Read books, sing, scold, sleep...


Evan said...

Some days naps are big battle for me, as well. A battle I usually lose because if I upset Johnny too much he cries (loudly) which wakes up his sister. They are so sweet when they are asleep it makes you feel badly about what it took to get them there... but only for a second because then you realize you have time to yourself to enjoy!!!

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