Engine, Engine Number 9

We had a great visit with my Dad...I'm still sweating out olive and garlic from all of the feasting.

We were quite busy in the short amount of time that he was here. Even the day he left became quite memorable. In fact, it's Punky who still won't let me live it down.

My dad's flight didn't leave until 12:30, so he wanted to take the girls to get haircuts and shoes. We went to Doolittle's, fine. We went across the street to Shoe In - they literally have kids' shoes for $109. $109 for shoes that they are going to wear for 4 months? Get serious, people.

We go to get in the car to go to Target and I toss my keys on the front seat while I strap Sweetpea in, close the door and...she's locked in. After a bit of panic (on my part) and many alarms going off, we called the fire department who came, but they were unsuccessful at getting the door unlocked because of the security system. One of the guys decides that 'even though she's just 3' he'll try to talk her through unstrapping herself and getting the keys. Her arms can't reach the seat belt, but she shimmys out of the belt (Mcgyver-style) and, as the Captain is describing how they'll have to break my window, she grabs the keys and unlocks the door. The Captain says, 'We can't even get 5 year olds to do that!' With many cheers from the now crowded sidewalk and the 6 firemen, Sweetpea comes out all smiles.

Meanwhile Punky is ratting me out to every passer-by there is while crying about why the Fireman can't "save her sister." 1 hour left until Dad's flight, we zoom to the airport.

Home - paint pictures and bake cookies for the firemen, which we took over to the firehouse.
Whew! I'm exhausted, but we had a great visit, Dad. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Let's buy you some sort of contraption that keeps your keys on your body at all times. What a story!

keri said...

Ok......that is hilarious!!!Next time Sweetpea should get in the drivers seat and drive off....

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