Friend or Foe?

So, not so long ago my good friend Jill lent me a terrific book called Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy. It's a super short read that will have you head-nodding in agreement at least 2 times each page. Anyhow, now that I've determined the friend/enemy status of the girls in relationship to me (generally enemy), I'm wondering what they are in relationship to each other.
I imagined their lives as I was pregnant with them, all squished in there together, that they would be BFF (pictured here at 4 months pregnant - when we found out they were twins). As it stands now there is more fighting and biting than teaparties and tiaras. When does the nice, friendly stage come? there one?


Angela said...

At age 6 I went head to head with Bobby Olsen for throwing a rock at my sister's(Shelia)head. She had just come home after spending a month in the hospital with asthma. I missed her so much! She's my best friend!(Irish twins) Love, Mom

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