I know, I know, stay-cation...blech - on the term, on the whole thought that you're on such a tight budget you have to craftily 'explore' your own neck o' the woods, everything. I totally agree. However, this term kept popping up in my head as we headed around Charlotte this past weekend. Despite all of my moaning and complaining (for the past 2 years) about the lack of fun to be had here in Charlotte, we actually found some decent entertainment!

On Saturday we headed to Freedom Park which was really cute. I can see how the outdoor Festivals that they offer there would be really enjoyable. Plus, the simple day trip we ventured out on was complete with a walk around the pond, not to mention the amount of sticks littering the ground which kept the girls happily busy. From here we headed to a great French Bakery called Amelie's up in N. Davidson. Tasty treats and a sassy environment got me thinking - OK, maybe there are some good spots in Charlotte after all.

Sunday offered a whole different host of wonders. We took the light rail (an event unto itself) to Fuel Pizza, which is always a hit - blast those garlic knots (fist shaking in the air). From here we headed to the Time Warner Cable Arena for the ever-memorable production of Playhouse Disney Live, which the girls' loved and we tolerated. We even bumped into Charlie! Though, when you ask Punky what her favorite part of the show was she says, "I didn't like the bad ballerina with the mask." This was really a character representing the music of India who was wearing an ornate gold mask - which did look somewhat freaky, but still, this 2 second appearance is what has stuck with her.

Anyhow, Charlotte - you're growing on me.

Sweetpea & Punky pictured here with "Angela" & "Claims"
courtesy of Nana & Grandpa!


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