Business Sense

I always knew that my training in psychology (particularly child development) would come in handy as we raised the girls. But, who knew that Gregor's business training would now be playing the star role? The latest and greatest technique that he's been employing goes something like this:

My usual statement: Time to get dressed.

Gregor: You need to get dressed because it's time for school.

My usual statement: It is never OK to hit your sister.

Gregor: It's not OK to hit your sister because it's rude.

Apparently, the latest research in marketing and business suggests that adding this simple word 'because' is what does the trick in getting cooperation. Hmmm...stay tuned for the results.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am going to be all over this! Even a smidge more cooperation is worth all the "becauses" in the world. I'll let you know how it works in our neck of the woods...

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