Kids are pretty remarkable. Despite all of my efforts of teaching the girls about life, they seem to eventually just figure some things out themselves. My good friend from grad school and her partner were in town this weekend with their own 3 year-old handful, Quinn. Out of this vist came two big revelations from our girls:

1. Boys have penises, girls have "bottoms"

All of the girls' friends that we see on a regular basis (outside of preschool) are boys, but we typically don't bathe with them. And, since Daddy has been particularly conscientious (o.k., modest) ever since the girls reached crotch-height, the genitalia difference really hasn't been a topic of discussion. We've now reversed that trend, however, and managed to jam-pack the weekend full of penis vs. bottom discussion.

2. All families are different.

The girls must have gone through every name in the book (e.g., cousin, friend, girl) to try to figure out the relationship between Quinn's two moms, but in the end they just realized that Quinn had two people who sure do love him.


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