One is Silver and the Other's Gold?

Sometimes make new friends and keep the old is complete crap. You just want your friends to stay your friends and to be where you are.

You know those feelings, right? I remember the days of being 9 and devastated as my neighborhood friend and her family drove away in their U-haul. Or even 17, leaving for college, bleary eyed, embracing friends, singing the praises of how we’ll always be together. Don’t get me wrong, on occasion it really does happen. You do chat on the phone, make trips to see each other, Skype. But, let’s get serious – it’s work. Your schedule doesn’t factor into their schedule, or it’s 6am their time when it’s perfect for you to chat, or you feel like you need to (gasp) go and make new friends to fill the void. Whatever the case, it’s just. not. the same.

So, what to do? Feel sorry for yourself? (Check). Push yourself to keep meeting new people (Reluctant Check). Keep telling yourself how terrific it is that you’ve even met these people in the first place (Adamant Check).

I miss/will miss you, friends. Rant end.


Kintea said...

Hang in there friend! As tedious as it is to make new friends, it is important. And you will always have this friend, no matter where we are! Love you!

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