Knees and Butts

It's interesting to look at the world from a kid's perspective - all full of knees and butts. Losing a toy because you refuse to stop walloping your sister with it feels like the end of the world, and getting a balloon at your dentist appointment is the best moment ever. For our girls, this all or nothing attitude also carries over to Gregor and me. This was ever so apparent when looking at their most recent works of art from preschool.

Exhibit 1: Punky's Perspective

Mom = Superstar
Dad = A bit of a slouch, apparently diabetic

Exhibit 2: Sweetpea's Perspective

Mom = a bit man-ish and really plain
Dad = Lifeguard and superhero
Papa = a hot, black man
Grandma & Auntie She = BFF

When it comes down to it, these so clearly reflect how they feel about their world. Well...except for Papa being a hot, black man.


Anonymous said...

This is so hysterical!

Elizabeth said...

HAHAHA!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Charlie did one of these, too, and Will was the ONLY ONE ON IT!!! I know I've been busy lately, but geez, I did carry him for nine l-o-n-g months and birth him! I'm hoping he just ran out of time?

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