Happy Birthday Punky!

Dear Punky,

You are 4 and are full of sweetness and sass. You are still my Diva who loves getting her nails painted, a touch of chapstick and dresses, dresses, dresses. You've even started to ask if you can wear accessories to preschool. You touch people's hearts with your sweet compliments (e.g, "I like your beautiful dress"). And you, yourself, are so cute with your pretty brown eyes and sweet gaps in your teeth. With your constant singing and dancing you are a one-woman show. You'll sing to me about anything at all - "I'm putting on my shoes and they're on the right foot..."

I love that you're a mama's girl! The passion that you have for life is truly infectious. You are such a social butterfly and can be found introducing yourself to any little kid in your path ("I'm Ava, what's your name?). I hope this beautiful, outgoing spirit persists!

You both love and love to tattle on your sister. I can find you two setting out tea parties, equipped with apron and pot holder (you love those accessories!), playing mountain climber with the couch pillows or clamoring to figure out how to get your mitts on some chocolate chips ("Mommy, let's bake some cookies...brownies...chocolate chip pancakes...").

So far 4 is my very favorite age for you because you don't resist a snuggle, but you think you're so, so big. You are such a radiant light and I love you!



Jill said...

Love the first pic!!

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