Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

Dear Sweetpea,

You are 4 and full of sweetness and sass! You are so inquisitive, always asking about and commenting on your world (e.g., "What happens if someone doesn't have lungs", "Is India very far away?" "I think that honey-baby is a little bit fussy"). You are so cute with your blue, blue eyes and your hair in piggy-buns and ribbons. Everyone always comments on your sweet, tiny voice.

You LOVE babies. I often think that we should have another baby because you would be so full of joy. Something else that gives you joy is...burping. You have huge, man burps and have me cracking up every time you let loose. I know this only reinforces this behavior, but it's pretty hard to resist a chuckle when you tell me you can burp the alphabet, then actually do burp 'A' and 'B'.

You both love and love to torment your sister. She's your best friend and greatest nemesis. I can find you two playing so sweetly in elaborate make-believe plots that involve dollies, babies, rockets, doctors... Your heart truly belongs to your daddy, however. You seek him out and choose his company above all others'!

So far 4 is my very favorite age for you because you don't resist a snuggle, but you think you're so, so big. What a treat to have your tiny self, bursting with joy, humor and love in our lives. I love you!



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