The Flooze

The frenzy surrounding the swine flu paired with the two perky-earred four year olds in my house has not been a good combo. After a trip to the pediatrician where we left sans flu shot (since they are only doing 3 and under) Punky has been constantly questioning why we can't get the flu medicine.

Jump forward a few days when we go for a family trip to the Maize Maze. As part of the experience there's a short orientation about how to get through all that corn. Our tour guide is about 65 and clearly in need of meds. Her speech is full of word salad with pieces of one sentence mixing and matching with parts of another. It was nutty. But to top it, off she actually says - without sarcasm - "Now ya'll leave that nasty corn ya'll see out there on the ground or you're gonna get the pig flooze." Gregor and I just stared at her. You've got to be kidding.

Now Punky says, "How do we get the pig flooze? Do we need the pig flooze medicine?" Great.


The Mahoneys said...

Do whut? Really? That is hilarious! Were you there for the Bunco when several of us couldn't stop saying, Do whuuut??

Jules said...

I wasn't! You girls crack me up, though. I do think about holy **** Ginger a lot!

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