OK, here's the thing: I have a love/hate relationship with television.

I want to scratch my eyes out when the first thing out of the girls' mouths in the morning is - "Good morning, Mommy. Can I watch a show?" - said in darling, groggy morning voices. This is now shortly followed by - "Can I have a piece of candy?"

Straighten index finger. Poke in own eye. Jab repeatedly.

These people LOVE TV. I feel like I am pretty responsible about the kinds of shows I choose for them (the PBS, benign Disney variety), but I can never seem to satiate their need/love for watching. I've tried:

  • Scheduling it into our day so they know when to expect it.
  • A marble system of having them earn screen time by doing *good* things.
  • Overstimulating them with too much TV
  • Depriving them all day
Each of these instances ends with tears once the magic box is turned off. Plus, the simple fact is that I do use the TV for distraction when I need to make a call, grade a paper, etc. mid-day. How do I incorporate this use into the already corrupt relationship?

Maybe I'm giving too much power to this glowing box. Gregor grew up with no stigma attached to TV and has no problem with it (that is to say, he loves it and doesn't think it's a problem if one chooses to watch all day). I had a slightly more stringent setting of the 1 show per day variety, no cable, no TV in room...And, I keep returning to the studies correlating brain development with TV watching.

Here's the other thing: the instant the girls go to bed, I come down and turn on the TV myself: to relax, to have as background noise, or to just stare at with goofy grin on my face. I'm such a hypocrite. Or, maybe I'm projecting my love of this projection device onto my girls? What to do?


The Mahoneys said...

It is such a conundrum! Wish I could say it goes away, but I still have to limit it for one of my boys....and I do the exact same soon as they all leave in the morning, on goes the TV!

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