Santa Baby

It's not uncommon to hear the phrase, "I don't want the rock!" out of the mouth of a guilty 4 year-old in our home. Gregor recently tried to explain the idea of coal in the stocking and the naughty list in an attempt to realize the full benefit that Santa has to offer to us parents.

I had the girls dictate their Christmas wish lists once again this year. Then I had them draw pictures of these things they so desired. I guess I really should have done it the other way around since the pictures really have no relationship to the wish list they spoke about only moments earlier...


Dear Santa,

I want a new kitty cat and I want a new Barbie and a new badge. Then, I want a hat. Then I really, really want a new shirt. Then, I'll live happily ever after. Then, the end.

Her picture, on the other hand, depicts (according to her description): a brown guitar, a brown dolly, a brown ball, brown pajamas and a brown Barbie.


Dear Santa,

I really love you. Why do you have a naughty list? Because when people are naughty, they go on the naughty list. Then a shark came... I would like a flower magnifying glass and Ainsley would like a new kitty for Christmas. And then we'll send presents to you, Santa! Then, I want a toy seal that can swim in the bathtub. Then, I want to have the famous Santa hat. The end.

Her picture: a turtle with turtle eggs, jelly beans, a Barbie, and the strings fixed on my guitar.

Here's to hoping you don't get the rock this year, girls.


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