Who needs professional waxing?

When I was in young(er) we had a Japanese exchange student..and a Puerto Rican exchange student and several exchange students from Mexico...but I digress. Our Japanese exchange student, Machiko, used to shave her arms which was immensely fascinating to the primping, preening junior high girl that I was. I used to watch her as she took her $1.99 pack of bic razors and methodically run one over her forearms ever other day. She said all of her friends and family shaved their arms and legs and even face to keep nice and smooth. Talk about maintenance! Honestly, I don't need to add two more areas to the shaving/waxing/plucking repertoire that I already have.

Anyhow, this came into my realm of consciousness this evening as I was attempting to grill chicken. Our ignition switch of the grill has been broken for quite sometime, which just means we have to manually light the grill after we turn on the gas...I'm sure you can see where this is going. I got a bit distracted while turning on the gas, juggling the plate of seasoned chicken, putting the tongs down, finding a place to put the grill lid, etc. By the time I actually lit the grill a huge plume of fire rose up and briefly engulfed my right arm. No pain or burns, thankfully, but all of my arm hair was singed off. Did you know that burnt arm hair smells analogous to a hair perm? I can't stop sniffing it. Plus, it's nice and smooth, just like Machiko's.


mvanglab said...

Ok, very weird, and very funny!

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