I'm in Need of Some Christmas Cheer

Gregor has been traveling a lot lately (understandably with a new job). But I find that even when he is here I'm grumpy about thinking when he's going out of town again and (frankly) angry that meetings are scheduled on December 23 with the blizzarding conditions in Iowa. Though I love these two munchkins that rule this house I certainly don't look forward to the 24 hour gig with no let down. You know, even at night where you just don't let yourself relax knowing that you're on call. I bow down to all you single parents and military families. I just don't know how you do it.

Anyhow, Gregor has been serving meals at the Charlotte Men's Mission for over two years now and it's something that he really enjoys and looks forward to once a month. Me, Mrs. Scrooge, on the other hand can only humpf and haw about how that's one more day that I am, yet again, on call by myself. I literally thought to myself today - well, that's 25% of the weekend without his help already. Seriously. What is my problem? He's helping those in need. But, I'm in need to right? No, not like they are. I'm all screwed up over here and in need of some serious perspective and perhaps a bit of Christmas cheer.


Kintea said...

Remember why we prepare to celebrate the Nativity of Christ! Your family is a blessing!

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