My Wishlist

So, I know it is superficial, but I really like material things. I do try and try not to and look toward the greater good, but, I do. Anyhow, this makes my wishlist of things a bit long and I've noticed that in the rotation of holidays and gifts, 2 things remain constant on my list (well, 3 if you are counting world peace, etc.). This is because these things do not yet exist. Anyone out there who can invent and ship-to-me the following?

1. A hip cell phone holder for the sassy mom who does not always have her purse on her, but needs her cell phone close. I end up stuffing it in my bra, which is both uncomfortable and trashy. 2. A silent blow dryer. When I can blow dry my hair it means that the girls are otherwise occupied. Because of this I would like to multitask and do things like listen to All Things Considered on NPR or chat with a friend while I get ready.


The Frat Pack + Me said...

Wow...that could be the new bunco bra!

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