We've begun the auditioning of real estate agents and here's my analysis so far:

1st candidate put on a great dog-and-pony show and even pre-prepped appointments to take me to so we could see the other townhouses on the market in our neighborhood. This was both good and horrific. I understand that people have walked away from homes in light of the horrible mortgage conditions, etc., but must you punch holes in the walls and rip handrails and banisters down?

2nd candidate was in serious need of grooming and bathing and let me know I need to take down all of the "ethnic" things in my house. Ummm...ok. He also gave me the creeps in general and had Punky running in terror just at the site of him, which says a lot since she's a people person.

Apparently the score stands 1st Agent = 1, 2nd Agent = -10, 3rd Agent = TBD Wednesday.

It all feels a bit like pageantry to me!


The Frat Pack + Me said...

for the record...we loved our realtor here in Charlotte. Let me know if you'd like her name!

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