Pony Jonestown

I walked into the girls' room the other day only to discover my little ponies and barbies splayed all over the floor. I said good-morning and asked how everyone was doing. I was promptly directed to the ponies and was told, "they died."

I just stared...at the ponies, the barbies, these two little people looking up at me for a reaction. "Hmmm...how sad" is all I could come up with in that moment.

There have been lots of questions lately about dying, heaven and why Jesus, God and Santa Clause (as if this is the holy trinity) are all invisible but can see you.

I'm stumped over here.


annie said...

holy trinity thing made me laugh..I just try to answer these sorts of questions as honestly and simply as i can. The funny thing is, half the time I will be in the middle of a giving a very thoughtful answer to a question about how Jesus can be with us without us seeing Him, when Johnny will change the subject completely and ask something like, "and, why do my farts stink?"

teebean61 said...

Wow, your girls are always thinking. That can prove difficult.
God,Jesus and Santa are so hard to explain. Don't even get me started on death and heaven. I can much easier explain why one's farts stink!

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