Sweet Nothings

We had a nice dinner the other night which included making nice comments about each other (apparently a forcible event). Mine and Gregor's were pretty straightforward, e.g., I love you because you are humble and truly hilarious, but the girls' had a bit more sweetness infused:

1. I love Punky because she helps me draw pictures.
2. I love Daddy because he plays catch with me.
3. I love Mommy...there's one thing I like, going to the zoo with your Dad and you in California.

Well, at least there's one thing, Sweetpea.

1. I love Sweetpea because she has blue eyes and always sleeps in my bedroom with me.
2. I love Daddy because you're not allergic to cats and has pretty brown eyes.
3. I love Mommy because she helps me put together my princess puzzle.

Thanks, sweet munchies.


Jill said...

They are sweet!!! I love it.

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