What to do

...with two 4 year-olds when you must keep your place perfectly pristine for the potential buyers who (let's hope) will be copiously dropping by?

My general rules and things I've tried:
General Rules:

  • You can play with the toys, but need to put one away before you take out another (Quite hard for the little people who love to line up all of their dollies and ponies and make book trampolines for them).
  • Don't touch the walls, or sit on your made beds...or pretty much touch or sit on anything.
Things I've tried:
  • Yoga, mid-room. This lasted for a few minutes, but then inevitably led to touching of the (newly repainted) walls.
  • Computer time. Good, but limited use.
  • TV. Well, you know my take on this.
  • Drawing/Coloring - only at the table in the chairs furthest from the walls.
  • Reading. I literally have read every book in their collection (that wasn't packed for staging). I guess another trip to the library is in order.


The Frat Pack + Me said...

My boys used to love pipecleaners....seriously. Maybe worth a try. Also, what about baking, because that would make the house smell nice...except then you might have a big baking mess......

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