Access to Local Goodness

Charlotte Love Day 25: Access to Local Goodness

At the local farmer's markets here (either the big Uptown version or the smaller Matthews version) you can access some terrific vendors. One little Grandpa with his table full of two things let us know we could get some good "peaches and 'maters" from him. I love that. I've talked about my hearkening back to simpler times and being here in Charlotte has made that much easier. A few of my local favorites include:

  • Baucom's Best: Great family, great product. Their beef and pork are now our staples and their eggs are also terrific!
  • Absolute Organics: We've been getting their home delivery of organic fruit for years now and I love that you can pick and choose a few days before your box arrives from what they have available. They also have wonderful service!
  • Charlotte Farmer's Markets: I love going to these together as a family and finding that guy sitting there with his overalls and 2 products: arugula and lettuce. I always buy from him. Those vendors who grow locally are marked with big signs which makes it easy to try to do one small thing for the Earth.
At this point I'm already looking into Co-ops in Iowa to see if we can get involved...maybe buy a portion of a cow or take the girls to volunteer and tend to some veggies.


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