Friends: Carrie...and her Photography

Charlotte Love Day 21: Friends: Carrie (and her photography)

I'm so thankful that we met! You are as silly and goofy as I am and you know I love that! You introduced me to book club and Bunco. You were the queen of the scene at my hot cha-cha party and took me out for a unmatched night of dancing! Aside from being a sweet friend, you are - hands-down - the best photographer I know. You've been able to capture our squirrley girls with such beauty and truth. Plus, you are utterly patient with Gregor and I! Looking back over the many pictures just warms my heart and truly makes me both sad and happy. I will miss you, friend!

Carrie Scruggs Photography
Some of Carrie's beauties!


Anonymous said...

Awh Jules what a sweet post! You are going to be so so missed! I've had a wonderful time getting to know you and your family and we are so sad to see you all go! Wishing you nothing but an exciting adventure!


teachersf said...

sweet !!!

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