Friends: Jill

Charlotte Love Day 29: Friends: Jill

No homage to Charlotte would be complete without a mention of my Southern BFF, Jill. Even though she's no longer a Charlottean, our bonding bloomed here. I've already paid tribute to our ongoing sis-mance (what is the girl version of bromance?) here - and on Valentine's day no less! I really love this sister-honey-girl. We're such kindred spirits!

Looking *fancy* for a night out!


Jill said...

Awww.. The picture slideshow made me teary...
1) Asher looks like a baby- just like Jacob in most of those pictures!
2) I must have been delirious to be out at the birthday party with 2 day old Jacob. Wait, I have been delirious every day since he was born.
3) I love that you have Torre in the album.
4) Can I download those from Picasa? I don't have a lot of them...
5) Don't move to Iowa. Really. Don't leave.

teachersf said...

I've been waiting to read this post :) Very sweet - cute pics

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