Learning Links Academy

Charlotte Love Day 19: Learning Links Academy

So, now with the big move the hunt is on for preschool since the girls miss the cut off for Kindergarten by 2 weeks - no exceptions. When I first heard about people putting their in-utero kids on wait lists for preschools I thought, 'Ok, this is just a San Diego phenomenon.' Then, when I heard of people camping out in tents to wait in line to get a preschool spot I thought, 'Alright, this is just nutty people of San Diego and Charlotte.' Now, I realize this is a national phenomenon. Preschool is the new college.

Why are there such limited spots when demand is so high? Why do I have to drop a Benjamin to even get on your wait list? Ugggh. Experiencing this once again in our transition makes me realize how very much I've loved our preschool here. The girls have been at Learning Links Academy since the tender age of 2! Initially I thought, 'You've got to be kidding me, three years of preschool?' But, now I'm so pleased with all that they've been exposed to. The curriculum, the teachers, the administrators...they are superbly great.

Even in our transition they are helping me try to find places in our new home. I love them. I just want them, there.

First day of Preschool - 2 years old!


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teachersf said...

look at how little they are - so cute

Jin said...

So cute. Hey does Greg have a blog? I leave him messages on his FB and email his mom gave me but I don't think he is getting them.

Jules said...

Hey Jin! No blog for Gregor and he barely ever looks at Facebook, so email him at his regular address. He'll get it!

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