The Lynx

Charlotte Love Day 24: The Lynx

The Lynx is our lightrail train that was added since we've moved here and has really become an activity unto itself! The girls love riding the train and thankfully there are many stops with things that are fun for them - the Uptown library, a Bobcats game, Pikes Soda Shoppe, etc. We pretty much have this on our staple of activities to do whenever friends and family have come to town!

A visit with Nana

A visit with Grandma

A trip with Mom and Dad

Our Friend Quinn

A visit from Aunt Nikki & Uncle Nate


Kintea said...

I'm sorry, where is my picture???????? Hello?

Jules said...

I looked! I don't have you on the Lynx...I do have you at the bouncy, strawberry field, Flying Biscuit, etc. Do you have one?

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