Charlotte Love Day 7: Nordstrom

Though seemingly (or actually) superficial, I have whole heartedly appreciated this store for its customer service, variety ($10 BP earrings to fancy-pants jeans), and general loveliness.

Linea Paolo, Biala, Sofft, etc. I know that I can search for you online, but it's just not the same.

Hanky Panky Retro, Paige, Citizens, having access to you in the store complete with alterations has been great.

Delicious tomato soup with crostini, you will be missed.


Jules said...

I love when synchronicity happens! I posted this today, just went and checked the mail and there was a note from the saleswoman at Nordstrom who helped me buy my jeans (from 2+ weeks ago)!

annie said...

you can make that soup at home and it's just as good! I'll find that recipe.

Jules said...

Looking forward to the recipe! I ♥ the soup!

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