Southern Hospitality

Charlotte Love Day 20: Southern Hospitality

The people are what I've loved about Charlotte the most. I've told my family in San Diego and Denver on numerous occasions that I would never want to stay here because of the weather, but the people are what would make it all worth it and potentially make me change my mind.

People here wave at each other. Neighbors hang out in their driveways chatting, bbqing, watching kids play...There's community here.

Each time I'm at the grocery store someone asks if I need help or whether they can 'get me a buggy.' In the process of preparing to move I've been interacting with so many different people (from the girls' school, handymen, property agents, etc.) and across the board the bottom line description of them all is kind and helpful. Little gestures go a long way here in the South. I'll miss that.


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