Trader Joe's

Charlotte Love Day 3: Trader Joe's

I was spoiled to have had Trader Joe's both here and in San Diego. I have taken for granted those quick, easy, tasty treats that it provides. So much so, I actually considered (am considering) stock piling some goodies and shipping them out to us. Things like:

  • Cereal Bars (This blueberry walks into a bar...)
  • Tea Tree Tingle body wash (If you haven't experienced it, do so immediately)
  • Trader Joe brand Sham-Wow's (they have replaced so many paper towels in our house)
  • Vacuum sealed brown rice
  • Dried Fruit (unsulfered apricots, mangos, freeze-dried strawberries)
  • Pancake Mix (both pumpkin & multi-grain)
  • Vanilla Cake Mix
  • Truffle Brownie Mix
  • Various Candy goodies (English toffee, caramels, organic lollies, etc.)
  • Fruit leather (that we seem to never have enough of even though we buy 16 at a time)
  • Agave (you can get this elsewhere, but not for such a steal)
  • Trader Joe's Creamy Body Lotion (a staple)
Today we are preparing for our last Pascha celebration here and I'm jam-packing our basket full of these and other more perishable goodies (dubliner cheese and ghouda with walnuts, chianti salami, Malbec and Prosecco, beautiful Spring flowers...). Of course these morsels don't overshadow the true excitement of our celebration tonight, but they certainly add to it.


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