The Urban Legend

Des Moines Day 4 (well,...): The Urban Legend

So, this Urban Legend I'm referring to is actually our house. It has a bit of a rep around the neighborhood, which I'm trying to figure out whether I should disband or just go with. Every neighbor I've met so far has known something about us ("Oh, I heard you're from San Diego", "You're the one with the twins, right," "Wow, you're so worldly, you've lived in so many places," etc.). I've tried to chalk this up to basically living in the country. In addition to this eerily passed information everyone has a story about our house. Here's just a sampling of what I've heard:

  • The kids who lived in the house before us used to scavenge the balls from the driving range behind our house and try to sell them to people.
  • Upon being confronted by police these kids' mom pelted the officer with the above mentioned golf balls (now wouldn't she be arrested for this behavior?).
  • The family who was here before us stuffed the cabinets with raw shrimp and left cups of milk in various places around the house [Verified].
  • The previous tenants had a huge blowout party with caterers, musicians, etc. - none of whom they paid.
  • The tenets used to go into town eat at the 3 restaurants and claim that they'd forgotten their wallets and skip out on the bills (wouldn't someone eventually get the idea?)
  • The middle school principal, who lives in the neighborhood, had to stop walking her dog by the house because she would be accosted by the mom who accused her of not challenging her kids.
  • People used to play basketball in the house while it was being built.
  • The house was featured on HGTV [Verified].

Everyone has something to say about the Yellow House. When I tell people that's where we live there is a widening of the eyes that takes place. But hey, at least it's interesting conversation, right? In fact, in this time of transition, at least there are conversations taking place at all.


The Frat Pack + Me said...

love the "verfieds"

Style Attic said...

I am digging the fact your house is yellow! I wouldn't give a rip what has gone down in/around your's yours now and things will be a little different now :) I'm happy that people are engaging with you!!

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