Punky is 5!

Dear Punky,

Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl! You're so excited to be growing and have asked each morning for the past few days if you're still 5 when you wake in the morning. You'll even comment on how your feet are getting bigger or that your getting taller. You also continue to make it known that you're not happy about being the 'youngest.' You are a leader in your class and love to be social. Over the summer and lately in your class, you've been seeking out boys to play with, though you are still a diva to the core. We had a fancy princess party for you and your sister and you took such pleasure in the dresses, necklaces, tiaras, chapstick, rings, etc.

You continue to express your love of animals. The outdoor cat across the street loves to see you coming because she gets hours of petting and attention. I'm pretty sure you'd dress her up if you could with a little bonnet. You still like to pretend that you're a cat and will follow your sister around as her pet (which seems to satisfy a need for both of you). You meow so often that your Dad and I have made a rule about no meowing in the house. Let's be honest, one can only take so much meowing!

You also love to be with your sister. When she's not near you at home you're always asking about her and trying to get yourself included in the games she's playing. Sometimes this means you stand inches from her until she clocks you. Regardless, you seem to be thrilled to get the attention. Interestingly, at school you both rarely play with one another and have completely separate friends.

One of my favorite things about you is that you are always singing! Your Dad and I get a kick about how you narrate everything in song, "We're driving and now. I see a sheep. We're crossing Raccoon River..." You still sound like Bob Dylan sometimes in your intonation and it cracks me up! You're also loving the Spanish songs that you're learning at school and will frequently break out into a rendition of "Cabeza, hombros y pies." You've even got the accent down.

Though you went through your period of not wanting kisses, you've finally let us snuggle you again. Whew! I think this break was partially paired with your dramatic flair where everything was so emotional and theatrical. This drama is still so very present. You said to me a few days ago in an exasperated voice, "I just have SO many dreams, Mom. I want to be a scientist, a ballerina, and an astronaut. It's SO much." I chuckle inside, but try to comfort you because things like this are a very big deal to you.

You're finally settling in here in Iowa, though you talk about your friends from Charlotte frequently. You'll make some new friends here soon, Punky. I promise.

I love you so dearly! Happy 5th birthday!



Jill said...

XOXOXOXO to the birthday girl!!!! Miss them so much...

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