Sweetpea is 5!

Dear Sweetpea,

Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl! You are continue to amaze me with your endless questions about specifics of our world (from negative numbers to how dragon flies are born). You've grown so much this year, but your love of art remains as strong. You are so tactile and I think this is partially why you love to draw and paint so much. Playdough, chalk, etc. seem to satisfy this need for you. You come home from preschool with your backpack stuffed full of art projects that you've completed that day. You'll describe the scenes of family, animals and even abstract art to me with such glee. And you make it known on a regular basis that you're going to be an artist when you grow up!

You still LOVE babies oh so much. When we go to the indoor or outdoor playground if you see a baby - look out. You're such a caretaker and you'll follow the babe around to be sure that she's having fun as you play with her. You also show this nurturing side to your sister on a regular basis still going to the extent of leaving goodies for her instead of taking them for yourself because you know this will make her happy. Though you have these care taking tendencies you also truly relish your alone time and will play and draw by yourself frequently.

You still have such a tiny voice for such a big personality, though you certainly make yourself known in our house. We can usually turn your grump into laughter if we focus on your silliness and say things like, 'Your lip is sticking so far out I think I could sit down and have a tea party on it!'

You're a snuggly treat to be with and you dole out kisses and hugs all around. You also love to dance and if you hear a good song mid-meal you'll ask to be excused so you can let loose. This paired with your terrific sense of humor makes you a funny, funny girl. You love to laugh and love to make others laugh. You and Ava are constantly making up your own jokes that go on and on. You find these hilarious and I find you hilarious!

You've made the transition here to Iowa with your big bunk bed and new Spanish class. Even still, you love to stay at home and play. You make this known nearly everyday. You also continue to ask for a pet and when we discussed the possibility of getting you a fish, you let me know that you want a 'dry pet.' I'm sure you'd do a great job of caring for it, but as I've told you so many times, puppies take A LOT of work. Maybe when you're 10.

I love you so dearly! Happy 5th birthday!



Jill said...

Hugs and kisses to her! I miss her dearly....

Style Attic said...

Well, its great to see you're still on the other side of your blog...even though your on the other side of the country! Dah-ling pictures, happy birthday and hope you're as happy as sweetpea is in the lovely portrait :)

Jules said...

Hi Kelly! I'm still out here trying to get my bearings in Des Moines! I hope you're doing well!

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