Twinput + 1

We announced to the cyber world yesterday that we are expecting an addition to our all-girl squad of giggles and delight (and drama and tantrums) in May 2011! 3 proms. 3 college tuitions. 3 weddings.

With life based around twins for so long it will be interesting? a relief? exciting? to see how just one little babe goes. The anxiety about sleepless nights is steadily creeping in, but has been overpowered by the excitement of the squishy, baby phase. The girls will be going into Kindergarten (what???) a few months after she is born and for this I am thankful. Thankful that they got my undivided time for 5 years and thankful that they'll be on to their own special adventures just as we begin a new one here at home.

When we did find out it was a girl one of my first thoughts was: I'm glad that I can still sign our grandparents' cards: Love, The Grandgirls. Is that ridiculous? Sure. Gregor cheered a bit, smiled, and turned to me in the ultrasound room saying, "Girls always love their dads," since he's knows I'm likely lying their picturing the teenage angst that I will meet in 10-15 years.

Now on to deciding whether she'll become part of the 'A-team' of names or whether we should branch out a bit. Regardless, we can't wait to meet our sweet girl!

"Happy to 'Bee' the Big Sister"

On a side note, the gender prediction kit was fun, but wrong:


Jill said...

Sending love. Merry Christmas to everyone over there. xoxoxo

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