The 3rd (2nd) Child Syndrome

I've heard that with your second child the same attention to pictures, baby books, gathering mementos, etc. sometimes takes a bit of a back seat to the fact that you are juggling new baby and still tending to other small people. I'm nearly 7 1/2 months pregnant and am sad to say that I'm already finding this to be true. With the girls, I diligently journaled about each doctor visit and new kick I felt and saved and scrapbooked the ultrasound pictures. With this girlie-babe, I've managed to write 2 things so far and who knows where the ultrasound pictures are at this point.

Granted we did just move and are in the midst of unpacking, but still... I am happy to say that this Saturday Carrie & Chaeli will be taking some maternity pictures, so at least that's one thing documented. How do the rest of you manage this balance?


The Frat Pack + Me said...

Just cut yourself some slack. My boys love for me to tell them stories from when they were babies....they have never shown a lick of interest in the ultrasound pictures. Just live in the moment and enjoy it! So happy you are back! Hope to see you soon~

Heather said...

Sadly this syndrome is real in our house. It got progressively worse with each child. I have not printed a photo since right before Addyson was born. I have taken 1000's but not a single one is printed or in an album. They are all stored on the computer and will probably stay that way.
The kids could care less though, all of that keepsake stuff is for us mommies anyway:) One fast, simple thing that I did manage to keep up with for each pregnancy and child though are those calendars that come with stickers. Then the writing is minimal:)

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