The small people attempted to stage a revolution today.

All I could do was laugh (at first). After running some morning errands I was informed from the backseat:

"You are the only one who gets to make all the choices. We're tired of it!" - Sweetpea

"Yeah, you and Daddy are the only ones in the whole house that get to make choices. We want to make choices." - Punky

It was voiced so passionately and in sequence it was as if they'd had several meetings about the topic and had decided to finally confront the management. I truly couldn't stop laughing as I was driving. But, my brain eventually kicked into a more therapeutic mode and we talked about the choices that they had been able to make just today alone (e.g., what to wear, eat for breakfast, morning story to read, etc.). This conversation also included the hard fact that sometimes I need to make important choices to keep them healthy and safe...and fed. However, I am sorry girls - running errands is not my favorite 'choice' either.


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