Sweet Surprises!

What I missed most about not living in Charlotte (during our 7 month Midwestern vacation) was my girlfriends. This was funny to me because having moved to Charlotte from San Diego there was about a year's period of time when I felt lonely and isolated. Then, these bright specks started to shine through and before I knew it I had an amazing circle of people whom I cherish dearly!

A few of these sparkly specks went out of their way this past weekend to surprise the crap out of me with a delightful baby shower! All along I've been bargain shopping on Craig's List, browsing consignment sales and thankfully accepting any hand-me-downs to be had. I hadn't thought much about some tiny, new goodies for this little girl. I am truly at a loss to say how appreciative I am of these chickies for thinking of me.

The thoughtfulness that went into the planning was so apparent as they held it at my all-time favorite bakery here, Amelie's. The atmosphere was gorgeous (think having tea at Anthropologie), the food was unbelievable, but the company was the most amazing. Thank you, Jill, Kelly, Maureen, Heather, Sylvia, Shelley, and Debbie for surprising me with such a special treat. I heart you!

On a side note, why am I such a giant with tiny friends?


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The Frat Pack + Me said...

Awwww! So sweet!

annie said...

what a lovely shower they threw you! So glad you have been blessed with great group of friends there!

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