Final Countdown

Insomnia has made itself a cruel guest in our household, particularly over the course of this past month. I realize that this is nature's way of prepping for the potentially sleepless nights with the baby, but could nature just give me a break at this point and let me have a full, restful night of sleep? Or would that be too much of a shock to the system when it's time for night feedings? Who knows.

What I do know is that the final countdown is on with less than 1 month to go before meeting this new little person. I'm filled with all sorts of wonder about what she'll be like and how our family of 4 will transform into a family of 5.

I called the doctor last night since I've been having nausea again (wasn't the first 4 months enough already?) and her nurse assured me that this was normal - something about bowels stretching, stomach smashing and a giant human living in your body. Yuck. Gregor has become an doting Italian mother, encouraging me to eat a little bit all of the time so I don't feel as badly. Last night I finally said to him - "Look, I'm already 3 tons of fun over here. I can't eat constantly." Without a moment's notice he said right back - "So, be 4 tons of fun."

Best response ever.


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Love that response!

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