Lenten Songs

The end of Lent is here, which makes me both happy (looking forward to Pascha) and sad (missing the beautiful pre-sanctified Liturgies that we've been going to). My heart has been warmed so many times throughout these past weeks as I hear the girls singing 'Before Thy Cross' or 'Let My Prayers Arise' around the house, unprompted. I love seeing the scenarios that they insert these songs into. Here are some examples:

  • As the girls hide in their makeshift tent Punky says: "Let's make this our clubhouse song" and proceeds to sing.
  • Sweetpea's sweet singing voice eeking through the bathroom door as she's on the pot.
  • Barbie fashion show equipped with church songs.
  • Requests for hearing St. Vladamir's Men's Choir in the car
  • Teaching their dollies and ponies to prostrate
I've been trying to capture these hidden moments, but it never works out - I just seem to disrupt the chi. I did ask Sweetpea for an encore the other day and she obliged.

Can you tell she'd been to the dentist earlier?


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