Oh Happy Babe

I haven't said nearly enough about this wonderful girl who came into our lives. It is with complete gratitude to say what a delight she is. She is the kind of baby who doesn't lose her shit. She complains, cries a bit, but is able to rein it in and even give us a smile. In fact she's generous with her smiles and seems to love people. Every chance I get I kiss her face off her face.

But, here's the truth - So far, I stink at being a mom of three. I'm trying to navigate not only all three people having their basic needs met, but adding in some snuggling, reading time, and general conversation. I am still in a sleep deprived fugue, but that really isn't helpful to anyone around here. They still have questions to be answered and stories to be shared. This isn't a feel sorry for me post, it's a reality of the situation post. It's the I-can-barely-shower-and-I-think-I-have-tennis-elbow-from-holding-the-baby-so-much post.


Jill said...

Please kiss her face off her face for me as well. XOXO

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I would love to come hold that little bundle while you take care of yourself. Seriously.

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