On Being 5 Months

  • In addition to my front-to-back rolling, I sit up now
  • I eat bananas and cereal
  • I love my hands and feet and grab toys, clothes, food, paper...really any shiny, crinkly thing, like a monkey
  • I smile and crack up when I see my sisters
  • I continue to have an all-you-can-drink buffet at night (Mama is threatening to reign this in immediately)
  • I squeal with delight
  • I take communion like an expert (though I have been since I was baptized)
  • I'm starting to get shy around people
  • I started saying 'Da-da-da-da' today. I still move my mouth in this form even when the words aren't coming out.
  • I rock a cool hoodie


Kintea said...

She is so cute! My little baby. Bring her to me immediately!

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