Having things in their place, all tidy-like gives me an inner calm. I know it's an element of control and I'm fine with that. Since Peanut came along, however, an organized house has gone on the 'things I just don't have time for list.' Things people will think as they read this:

  • You have three kids, of course your house is a disaster
  • What's most important is the time spent with your family, not how your house looks
  • You should be napping while she's napping

While (sort of) appreciated, I have to say that it really takes a little something out of me as I walk by the piles of [insert any household object here] that are EVERYWHERE. I kid you not about this. Everywhere.

I was the kid who spent time cleaning and reorganizing her room on the weekends. It brought me great satisfaction. Sweetpea and Punky seem disinterested in how refreshing it feels to walk into a clean room. Peanut can't be counted on in this imbalance as she is generating dirty diapers and laundry like a champion.

So, here I am among the chaos wondering if the tides have turned. Wondering whether this chaos that prevents me from inviting people over to bake cookies, for example, will ever simmer down.


annie said...

Oh, Julie, don't give in!! Coming from someone whose home is always a wreck, if you are one of those insane women who like to clean and organize, KEEP IT UP! I admire you while simultaneously thinking you are a little freaky. Love you, lady!

Jill said...

Stay strong. Don't cave. Don't go crazy doing it, but don't settle!

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