Punky is Six!

"Now that I'm older, I get to do older things like pour my own orange juice from the fridge, or get things up high by myself with a ladder." - Punky, 6

Dear Punky,

You are 6 and so smart and sassy. You like the finer things of life and this year for Christmas you've asked for: a ballgown, REAL high heels, and a crown. You also ask just about every other day to get your ears pierced. You just want to be so fancy!

You started Kindergarten this year in your very own class and you've enjoyed making your own friends and riding the bus. You continue to have a flair for the dramatic and seem to experience the entire spectrum of emotions on a daily basis. You've also entered a goofy, clumsy stage. It's quite the combination!

You've lost 2 teeth on bottom, have 2 wigglers on top, can read, ride a bike without training wheels, roller blade, hula hoop and zip your coat, among many other things! You have a knack for pushing Sweetpea's buttons, particularly when you follow her around at a 2-inch distance or meow after her like a cat. You'd prefer to play with others over doing things alone and when others aren't interested your feelings get hurt.

You are kind and goofy with Peanut, but enjoy playing older games much more. You are a terrific singer and dancer, and you tend to get a bit shy about performing in front of others. You reluctantly oblige us at times. You relish praise and are hyper-aware of others' opinions.

Your Dad and I love you so much and like to see how willing you always are to try new things. You are a truly a terrific six-year-old and I'm so glad to share this year with you!



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