Sweetpea is Six!

"I like being six because I get to learn new things and do new crafts." - Sweetpea, 6

Dear Sweetpea,

You are 6 and so smart and sweet. You are overjoyed to have a new baby sister and if left to your own devices you pick her up and twirl her around, kiss her face off, and play pony-girl. When given a choice you'd much rather care-take and play with the baby rather than oblige Punky by playing with her. We see that you like wielding this power over her - the fighting can be constant!

Above all, you choose to play, read, or draw alone. You can sit for hours with your own imagination, markers and a notebook. For Christmas this year you've wrapped us homemade presents that have various drawings, sculptures of tape and paper, and shredded confetti. You are a real artist and your skills keep getting better and better. You have asked for a 'Singamajig' (a doll that sings) because you think it sounds like it's burping. In fact, you call it a 'Squeeze-a-burp.'

You've started Kindergarten this year in your very own class and you love to ride the bus! Your teachers are always stopping me to tell me what a sweet girl you are. You've lost 2 teeth, have 2 wigglers on top, can read, hula hoop, do science experiments, and zip your coat.

You've retained your finicky disposition toward eating and would still enjoy the all-white diet (apples, pears, cheese, bread, butter...) if we let you. You are intensely cerebral and ask questions that really make us wonder what's going on in your head, e.g.: What do people sleep on in jail? How much kinetic energy do you need to pole vault? Do you think baby powder is hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

Your Dad and I love you so much and enjoy seeing your generous spirit toward others (except Punky). You are truly a terrific six-year-old and I'm so glad to share this year with you!



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