The "Vegetable" of Lights

"Do you wanna know the miracle of Hanukkah?

Once upon a time people 'lighted' the Menorah, but a mean King came and he wanted them to pray to him and they tried to do their dreidel backwards, without looking. When the mean king wasn't there they could pray however they wanted to. But, then there was a nice knight and even though the King's army was bigger and the knight's army was smaller, in 3 years the knight's army beat the King's! And, then they were going to light the Menorah, but there was a problem. The Menorah only had a little bit of oil left. And, so they had to go and search for more, but it took a long time to get there. They thought it was going to last for one night, but IT WAS A MIRACLE! The oil lasted for 8 nights! And that's the miracle of Kwanzaa."

- Punky, Age 6.


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