I looked over this morning at Punky diligently putting her artistic skills to use at her easel.  While this is not unheard of, Sweetpea is typically the one you'll seeing trying to sneak in quick drawings and scribbles in the mad rush of the school mornings.  Usually I shoo the girls away from any non school-prep-related tasks, but I patiently waited until Punky had finished to see what she was up to.

Punky: "Mom, how do you spell Bazort?"
Me: "Uh...probably b-a-z-o-r-t...What's Bazort?"

She covers her face, trying to hide her laughter.

Punky: "Do you like my drawing?"
Me: "I liked that you worked so hard on it...tell me more about it."

Hides her smirking face, again.

Punky:  "Well, it's Dumpling."
Me:  "Oh, yeah? What's she doing?"
Punky: "She's pooping in her pants!  These are the green stink-lines and I wrote out the sound - bazort!"
Me:  "You really put a lot of thought into that."

Punky's proud moment:


Kintea said...

Wow! She's cute!

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