Our Real, Human Baby

I've been kicking myself for not documenting all of the goodness that Dumpling has been up to lately, but honestly, I've just been enjoying that goodness.  She hit the 1 year mark with a bang and began taking her first steps with glee.  She seems to have gotten the hang of it over this past week and is even able to turn mid-stride now.  She's pretty proud of herself!

I keep trying to capture her blooming vocabulary on video, but each time I pull out the camera she stonewalls me.  Bird (paired with the bird sign), book, read, and ball are her favorites.  She is such a peach.  She was saying Dada, but has moved on to being more interested in proclaiming 'Aaaaaah' when Sweetpea and Punky are near.  I mused with Gregor about why she hasn't bothered to say Mama.  I think it's because there's never a need for her to call me.  I'm always there. 

We're certainly enjoying seeing her emerge into a little person.  Punky said the other day - "she's like a real, human baby!" as she saw her toddling from room-to-room.  Whatdayaknow.  We have a real, human baby here.


Jill said...

Love it! A real human baby.

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