The Cat is out of the Bag

I am not a fan of cats - probably due to being allergic to them, not ever having grown up around them, thinking they're slightly sneaky, yada yada.

Punky, on the other hand, loves them.  She scampers around the house pretending to lick her paws.  At the bus stop she'll brush up against her friends and purr.  We have an actual rule for her about acting like a girl and not a cat.

She has a consuming love of them.  No, really, she consumed a cat.

"I have no idea what happened, Mom.  I was just holding it by my mouth, then it was caught in my throat and I accidentally swallowed it."

The Offending Feline (made of glass)

Punky Prep

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

After 2 weeks it's finally out!


Tracy said...

I love that she has "No idea what happened, Mom." What a silly girl.

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